Our Story

We take pride in creating high-quality and experiential products that you can trust.

Brand PhilosophyCreating memories from experiences

Bea e Martina is an Emirati Home Decor Brand, established in 2014 in one of the most influencing cities that always strives to be on top in the world, Dubai. Bea e Martina is entirely made in Italy, with its own personality, values and identity. It offers uninhibited, dynamic and radiant bed linens, and home fragrances. It is founded by a young Emarati architect, who was inspired by her passion of exploring the experience of an interior space and linking its memory to emotions. She believes in the importance of creating memories from experiences that is enhanced by the various fragrances used in various spaces.

Made in Italy – Since 2014

InspirationArchitecture and Home Décor

Inspired by the relationship scents and materiality to our emotions. The idea of fulfilling a space with elements that would link emotions to memory. We always strive in focusing on our five senses when designing different products, we focus on the way it feels, smells, sounds, and also visually. 

Our Unique CollectionOur Bedding Collections

We strive to create products that would add to your overall ambience in a space. Bea e Martina is able to exceed expectations with a range of products that fit perfectly with various scents. By focusing on details and the combination of fragrances and materiality, we are aiming in satisfying our customers and be a leading home décor brand worldwide. 

At Bea e Martina, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our number one goals. Since 2014, Bea e Martina has guaranteed customers top of the line products at unbeatable quality rates, making us a leading Home Decor store in Dubai. Our quality diffusers and room sprays products are just a couple of the many products we’ve got to offer you.

We take pride in creating high quality and experiential products that you can trust.